Committed to Our Sales Partners
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Committed to Our Sales Partners

EZCheck provides a complete set of electronic check, ACH, and Gift & Loyalty services so that our sales partners have access to the most advanced technology to solve virtually every merchant’s payment needs.

EZCheck provides sales training and support to assist our sales partners and their sales representatives in effective selling of check services. We provide specialized programs and pricing to attract and sell larger accounts.

Our technical support and customer service departments assist the sales representative in equipment deployment, downloads and new merchant training to ensure a successful installation. Then our customer service department will assist in coordinating any issues with the merchant and the sales representative to ensure all parties are informed and satisfied.

EZCheck does not compete with our ISO/MLS sales partners. We are not in the credit card business and do not have an extensive direct sales force as our competitors do. Thus, the benefits to our sales partners are access to the most advanced payment products in demand, training and support so that they can sell effectively and confidently, and a partner who takes care of their customers during and after the implementation.

EZCheck’s Full Suite of Check, ACH Payment, Collection, and Gift & Loyalty Services:
  • EZDeposit – Web based Remote Deposit Capture (Check 21 processing)
  • ECT – Point of Sale Electronic Check Conversion with Guarantee or Verification
  • EZTel – Web based Checks By Phone
  • EZDebit – Web based Recurring ACH Payments
  • EZWeb – Web based ACH Payments via gateway or shopping cart 
  • EZMobil - Wireless Check Conversion
  • EZVerify - Smart Phone or Virtual Terminal Verification and Guarantee
  • EZCheck - Paper Check Guarantee or Verification
  • EZCollect - Free NSF Check Collections
  • EZCheck Gift & Loyalty/Rewards  

EZCheck Sales Partner Benefits

  • Lifetime Residuals @100% over buy rates
  • High Ticket, Specialized Industry Programs
  • Check Conversion with Imaging or Non Imaging
  • Special pricing and custom services for major prospects
  • Sales Support to assist in closing deals
  • Prompt and constant access to senior management

EZCheck vs. Our Competitors

Difference #1 – Check Authorization Approval Rates
In a recent test EZCheck approved 204 out of 205 checks for a new customer.  The customer’s current provider had been providing them with an approval rate of 84%.  This was in a business where they average check size was below $50.  Competitor’s approval rates get even lower as the average check size increases. The merchant loses the sale (and maybe the customer too) and pays the check processing fees as well.  EZCheck approves more checks so customers make more sales.

Difference #2 - Equipment
EZCheck is certified on all the most common credit card terminals and all check reader and check scanning devices. These equipment options are non-proprietary so if the customer chooses to change service they can put another vendor on the terminal. This is not the case with some major competitors.  Also some proprietary check imaging equipment has a built in inkjet printer.  Inkjet printers are much slower and are prone to leak. The cartridges run out of ink quickly, are expensive to replace and must be purchased from the check service that uses them.

Difference #3 – Technology
EZCheck offers merchants access to state of the art technology that provides them with items such as online merchant reporting and online access to check images.  Additionally, EZCheck’s technology supports online check processing for recurring payments and checks by phone, pc-based Remote Deposit Capture and Accounts Receivable Conversion, and check conversion via wireless terminals and cell phones.

Difference #4 – Customer Service
When a customer needs help and calls EZCheck, a live person answers the phone and starts helping them right away.  Customers can get in touch with the service team or company management with a quick phone call.  Many competitors’ service starts with a lengthy trip into aa automated switchboard and ultimately ends with voice mail.  Some competitors’ customer service lines are more 800 PLEASE HOLD than service lines.  Call their 800 number to experience for yourself their level of customer response.

Difference #5 – Pricing
Two of EZCheck’s largest check competitors add an additional 10 basis points to the merchant’s discount rate during the month of December.  One competitor adds a penalty of 85 basis points to personal check approvals that don’t have both MICR information and driver’s license captured during the authorization.

Difference #6 – Access to Top Management
EZCheck’s owners and senior managers run the business day-to-day and talk with customers every day.  Customer service issues are escalated to the highest levels within EZCheck.  Some competitors offer only contact with sales reps and first level customer support reps that are often very new to the business and not knowledgeable about merchants’ needs.  Merchants cannot get their concerns in front of any senior managers or even in front of a decision maker.

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