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The EZCheck Check Guarantee service is a simple process at the point-of-sale. The sales clerk simply enters the customer's information into the point-of-sale terminal or cash register. In less than four seconds EZCheck authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks.

EZCheck profiles the transaction using proprietary shopping patterns and continuously updates this database with check writing histories drawn from subscribing customers. With EZCheck's Check Guarantee service, a merchant never has to lose a sale or delay a customer because of high check writing activity. In addition, if a check we authorize does not clear, EZCheck quickly purchases it for the full amount, up to the check limit, so you can increase your sales without increasing your risks. The reimbursement process is simple and will improve your cash flow and reduce your administrative expenses.

In the complicated world of business, the EZCheck Check Guarantee service allows merchants to strike a balance between managing risk and providing the kind of service customers expect.  
Benefits of Check Guarantee
  • Streamlines check approval at the point-of-sale and helps prevent check losses before they occur.

  • Accommodates checks from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Provides full purchase of returned checks

  • Eliminates the cost of collection on dishonored checks.

  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Check Guarantee Solutions For All Types of Businesses

EZCheck also offers a variety of check guarantee programs to meet specific business needs. All of the benefits of our core check guarantee services are still available with these additional service options:
Mail Order/COD

With the EZCheck Mail Order/COD program businesses selling by mail, phone or catalog have the ability to pre-authorize a consumer's check payment right when the order is received. Businesses not only streamline operations and improve customer service but they can process and ship merchandise immediately, knowing that payment is guaranteed through EZCheck. With the Mail/Order COD program from EZCheck, business can expand their customer base as well as increase sales and profits.
Small Ticket Program

EZCheck's Small Ticket program can help business with high volume, small-ticket sales improve customer service, streamline check out and even boost incremental sales and repeat business. With the Small Ticket program businesses like fast food restaurants, dry cleaners, convenience stores, movie theaters, etc. can offer a check payment option to their customers for a flat fee with no discount rate. All of the transactions are quickly processed electronically and carry the EZCheck guarantee.

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