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EZCheck's ECT programs represent the most advanced check processing systems in the industry and make check acceptance as fast and easy as accepting credit cards. This not only translates into increased sales and profits, but brings with it greatly improved cash flow and streamlined operations for your business.

With the EZCheck ECT programs, the information on a customer's check is used to create an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. EZCheck then processes this electronic information using the same system that banks have used for years to transmit funds from bank to bank. Businesses can accept more checks at a lower net cost, and rely on the convenience of electronic funding directly to their bank accounts, usually within two business days.

EZCheck lets you choose which electronic check program best fits your needs. Both programs offer the flexibility and streamlined operations you expect from a revolutionary product like ECT.

EZCheck ECT and ECTPlus

Both programs offer fast and easy check authorization and both allow you to return the processed check to the customer with a signed receipt. The primary difference between ECT and ECTPlus involves the business's choice of equipment - check reader versus check imager.

With a check reader, EZCheck captures the MICR information from the check and the merchant manually captures additional information before handing the check back to the consumer.

With a check imager, EZCheck captures all of the required information with one pass through the imaging device, thus eliminating the need to record additional information.

EZCheck's ECT programs are designed to maintain efficiency and speed at the point-of-sale and are very similar. Here's a how a typical check transaction works:
  • Verify the information on the check and run it through the check reader or imager for authorization.
  • Once the check is approved a receipt will automatically print. Have the customer sign the authorization receipt to approve the transaction.
  • Stamp the check "void" and return it with a signed copy of the receipt to the customer.
  • At the end of the business day, close your batch just like with credit cards, and funds from your check sales will be delivered to your bank within two business days.
  • Retain your signed copy of the receipt should EZCheck need material proof of the transaction.
Here's where the difference comes in:

  • Should EZCheck require material proof of the transaction, the merchant must provide a copy of the original signed authorization receipt along with a legible name, address and phone number of the customer who presented the check.
  • Many businesses simply write the name, address and phone number on the authorization receipt before handing the check back to the customer, while others maintain customer records that include this information or make a copy of the check before returning it to the customer. You decide what is best for your business based on your current operations.
  • Should EZCheck require material proof of the transaction, the merchant must provide a copy of the original signed authorization receipt. With ECTPlus, all of the necessary information is electronically captured with the image of the check, so no additional information is required.

EZCheck programs are certified on many point-of-sale terminals. Whether you choose the ECT program with a check reader or the ECTPlus program with a check imager, our Quick Reference Guide to Equipment can provide all the equipment choices and specifications you will need to get started.

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