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If you conduct payment transactions remotely EZCheck's EZApproval option is going to suit your needs perfectly. With EZApproval you can access check guarantee and check verification services remotely using any touch-tone phone. No terminal or other equipment is required. So no matter where you are, your check transactions can be verified against our national check writer, bank account validation and account status databases.

Merchant Benefits
  • Authorize checks over any touch-tone phone - even wireless devices

  • Guarantee feature allows merchants to accept checks without risk

  • Increases sales by allowing merchant to accept more checks with reduced risk

  • Eliminates need for merchants to collect returned checks

  • Eliminates merchant losses from uncollected checks

How It Works

EZCheck has made the process super easy by enabling your merchant ID to be recalled automatically via your phone number - saving valuable keystrokes and time with each transaction. Once you dial into the toll-free number our automated response system will prompt you to enter the consumer's check information along with the dollar amount of the check and within seconds a response will be returned. If the check is approved, just write the approval code on the check and deposit it as you normally would, knowing the funds are secured via EZCheck's guarantee feature.

So, no matter where your business takes you, you can take EZCheck along to ensure safe and secure check transactions.

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