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In today's fast-paced and competitive environment, businesses are looking for better ways to efficiently and effectively serve their customers - especially when it comes to bill payment options. Now, with EZCheck's recurring payments service, EZDebitSM, your business can electronically processes any type of recurring payment including monthly service fees, payment plans, subscriptions or membership fees. By offering your customers a better way to pay, you can add real advantages not only for your customers but for your business as well.

EZDebitSM enables you to process customer payments by automatically initiating a charge to their checking account or credit card each time a payment is due. The web-based intuitive interface controls the timing of customer payments that can be scheduled with any frequency, and in any amount, up to a year in advance. Your customers will enjoy the ease and convenience of not having to mail payments and your business will benefit from increased cash flow, improved productivity and customer retention.
Real Advantages For Your Business
Since payments are scheduled in advance and electronically initiated, you'll eliminate many of the added costs and hassles inherent in processing recurring payments.
  • Improves profitability by saving on costly invoice processing - paper, envelopes, postage and the manpower to put it all together.
  • Ensures predictable cash flow - no waiting for mailed in payments.
  • Increases productivity through streamlined operations.
  • Heightens customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Reduces or eliminates check deposit and returned check fees.

How It Works

Your customers simply complete a one-time enrollment form that authorizes you to process their payments automatically. Then, you enter their payment information into the secure online interface to establish the parameters of their payment. The robust web-based management system provides the most flexible timing controls on the market today and can be set to process either check or credit card transactions. Online monitoring and reporting systems give you the tools you need to effectively manage your accounts receivable records and provide the flexibility you need to accommodate customer needs.

Whether you have just a few accounts or hundreds of thousands,
EZDebitSM can effectively meet your billing needs. With a special Customer Reference field, you can record proprietary customer information like order numbers, product numbers, or customer account numbers. The service also allows you to store both active and inactive customers, and provides the ability to upload your existing customer database saving you valuable time and money.
System Requirements

Because the system is web-based, there is no equipment investment required. You simply access the site through your existing computer (using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater) to start enjoying the benefits EZCheck's EZDebitSM can bring to your business.
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