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With more and more businesses transacting sales by phone or over the Internet, providing alternative payment options to customers who do not have credit or debit cards becomes even more critical. Now with EZTel companies can process non-face-to-face check payments with ease and efficiently - opening the door to new customers. EZTel can benefit a wide variety of businesses including mail order, telephone order, catalogue companies, and as an alternative to web sites, whose customers are unsure of processing payments over the Internet.

With EZTel, check authorizations and funds settlement are processed in real-time. This allows marketers to reduce handling time by immediately shipping merchandise instead of waiting for a check to be received in the mail and then clear the bank. EZTel's user-friendly web interface greatly streamlines operations, improves customer satisfaction and cash flow. Plus, transactions that return for non-sufficient funds are automatically re-presented via the ACH system, greatly improving collections.
Flexibility for Your Customers - Added Advantages for Your Business
With EZTel's real-time checks-by-phone processing, your business can immediately turn orders into sales.
  • Allows merchants to accept and process checks over the phone
  • Eliminates the need to wait for checks to arrive in the mail
  • Facilitates sales from customers not able or willing to use a credit card
  • Reduces lost sales from customers who never mail their check
  • Enables merchants to fulfill orders more quickly
  • Increases productivity through streamlined operations
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces or eliminates check deposit and returned check fees
How It Works

EZCheck's EZTel service enables the electronic processing of checks from telephone-initiated transactions using the consumer's checking account information. The operator simply enters the consumer's information from the face of the check into the EZTel secure gateway. From there, EZCheck verifies the consumer and account information in real-time and simultaneously creates the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to debit the consumer's checking account, and deposit the funds directly into the merchant's account.

Online reporting is available to view transaction and funding reports as well as the status of individual transactions. EZTel comes complete with multiple search methods and multiple user options.
System Requirements

No equipment investment is required with this web-based system. You simply access the site through your existing computer (using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater) to start enjoying the benefits EZCheck's EZTel can bring to your business.

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