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Who can charge my account with an electronic check?

Only merchants to whom you have written a check for purchase can process the check electronically.  

Who gives the merchant permission to electronically charge my account?

You do.  Merchants are required to obtain your signature authorizing them to present the check to your bank electronically and deposit the funds directly into their account.

Can I use the check more than once?

No. Just like a paper check, each electronic check represents a single purchase transaction.

Will this transaction appear on my bank statement?

A complete description of the transaction will appear on your bank statement in the section that includes other electronic payments such as direct payroll deposits and  ATM transactions.  Your bank statement will provide detailed information about each electronic check transaction including the merchant’s name, settlement date, amount and check number.

When will my account be charged?

Your electronic check transaction will be presented to your bank approximately two business days after your purchase – the same amount of time as you have with a paper check.

Will my financial institution charge a fee for an electronic check?

To our knowledge, no financial institution is charging check writers for these transactions.

How exactly is the money being moved?  

Your check is processed through a secure electronic device at the point of sale that captures the banking information and amount of the check. This information is then electronically transmitted through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network and presented to your bank.  The ACH Network has been in operation for more than 25 years and processes over five billion payments annually for the nation’s 13,000 plus financial institutions.  The ECT program is a natural extension of the capabilities of the ACH.

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